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Tapestry Farm’s adventure into alpacas and llamas started in 2003 in Colorado, just southeast of Denver. I was able to build a foundation of genetically diverse and conformationally sound stock used for showing, breeding and fiber production in a short time frame while furthering my education into herd management, reproduction, birthing and parasite controls. Science is ever changing so I pride myself on willingness to learn and try new things. And the primary goal is to always think of the animals health and welfare first.

After spending eight amazing years with the alpaca and llama community in Colorado, I decided to pull up stakes and move to Oregon to get a bit closer to family. Now with more acreage, beautiful green pastures and ideal growing conditions, I am expanding the farm to increase the focus on sustainable agriculture to include chickens and ducks while continuing my journey with alpacas and llamas.

Of course the story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the livestock protection dogs (Klondike and Dawson), the family dogs, the array of cats and the true ruler of the house – Willow, the parrot. All in all, a veritable tapestry!

 A little more about the newer additions to the farm:

Chickens:  I have a wide variety of chickens who are raised organically and completely free-range. In fact, there’s only one place they haven’t ventured – the back deck of my house. So the deck is now the Strawberry Sanctuary and my only hope for fresh strawberries! The girls supply me with wonderful fresh eggs and those I can’t consume are currently being taken to the local food bank.

I recently added three more chicks hoping for more colorful eggs. However, looks like my new Black Copper Maran is now called “Louie” so we’ll see how long I can handle a rooster in the mix. Perhaps chicks in the fall?

Ducks: Ducks are being added to the farm with two female Buff Orpingtons (Buffs). I’m hoping to add a drake next year. So in addition to duck eggs for the farm, there should be Buff ducklings for sale in the future.

Come on out and see what's up at the farm!

Updated December 16, 2015