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Tapestry Farm offers the following Services:


Agistment (Boarding):

  • Available for alpacas or llamas
  • Short term or long term agistment available
  • Fees include hay, grain, annual vaccinations, worming as needed, and basic herd management support
  • Your alpacas or llamas will receive the same care as if they were part of my own herd
  • Veterinarian fees are the responsibility of owner


Birthing/Reproductive Support

Not everyone has the ability to be home all day to wait for that bouncing bundle of joy to come pronking into the world. I have the amazing privilege to work from home which makes me available to monitor pregnant females from breeding through to delivery. I have ten years of experience in supporting birthing females and have attended neo-natal clinics. I’m also a client of Woodburn Veterinarian Clinic, one of the premiere and most experienced camelid vet clinics in the Williamette Valley.

I accept boardings of late term females (with all proper BVD testing) to monitor their births when you can’t. And just because you’re not there doesn’t mean you won’t be part of the experience – isn’t that why they created cell phones? Facebook? Instagram?

Fee includes boarding, monitoring of dam and ensuring cria is up, nursing and running around.  While we know that most alpaca and llama births are text book, there’s always the exception. Any expenses incurred for emergency or veterinarian support are the responsibility of the owner.


Breeding Services

Are you new to breeding alpacas and llamas? Do you have a first time male who just can’t seem to figure it out? Are you trying to time the breeding but other responsibilities are preventing you from getting the breeding done?

Never fear…Tapestry Farm can help you out. Either at your farm or, if needed, the breeding pair can be brought hear for more monitoring and support. Don’t let breeding turn into a four letter word!



Tapestry Farm can support local transport hauling of alpacas or llamas that can be accomplished within a day from Molalla, Oregon.

Fees are negotiable based on distance and number of alpacas/llamas being transported.

Updated December 16, 2015